Ed Knight graduated George Washington University with a B.A. in Journalism.  (his late adoptive father studied law there.) He worked at The Washington Post for many years in the Circulation and I.T. Departments, starting as a clerk, and ending up as a database administrator.

Ed took an early retirement after finding his biological family and needing time to, “find myself”. In Reunion with biological family, and still close to adoptive family Ed just consider them one big family now, from his point of view. He married Steven Frank in 2009, and in relationship since 1982.   Steven was born Deaf and went blind later in life.  Consequently, Ed knows ASL, and tactile ASL. He is active in his church, St. Barnabas Church of the Deaf (Episcopal), as volunteer.

A member of Sons of the American Revolution after proving descent from patriot ancestor Joshua Smith, with the help of his natural mother, who is a former member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Ed is active in his local chapter.  His late natural father was also active in the SAR, having served a term as President of the DC Society of the SAR.

Ed is in Year Three of the Master Artist Program at The Compass Atelier, in Rockville, MD. His website is epscottart.com

Ed referenced Adoptees United and Gregory Luce https://adopteesunited.org/

Music by Corey Quinn and Invitational by MDT