Catie Samantha Peck is a domestic, same – race adoptee raised in a closed adoption by an adoptive mother who was also adopted. Her name at birth was Samantha Claire and was changed at the time of her adoption to Catherine Anne. She prefers to go by Catie Samantha. At the age of 37, she searched and entered a very positive reunion with her maternal and paternal biological family. She learned that herself and her birth mother were both victims of the forced adoption practices of the LDS church (that still continue to this day). Never having wanted to relinquish her baby, her birth mother relocated her life 2300 mi. to her daughter after being found.

Professionally, Catie is a mental health therapist specialized in working with adopted adults and all members of the adoption constellation through her private practice, True Story Counseling Services ( She is currently writing a memoir about her experience of relinquishment trauma and reunion. Catie is often active in online adoptee community spaces finding great healing in these settings. She is located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY with her husband and English bulldog, Matilda.

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