Cindy McQuay co-founded Hiraeth, Hope and Healing

Cindy was adopted at 3 months and has always known. She always had the desire to know her story and identity Her adoptive parents fully supported her. Cindy trying to get her records and original birth certificate, at the legally allowed age of 18, led to the discovery of the difficulty adoptees face in doing so.

The hurdles that challenge adoptees drove Cindy to become an advocate for all her fellow “cribmates”; an endearing term that we’ve coined ourselves. Her advocacy includes educating the public on separation trauma, family preservation, and abolishing adoption. When DNA testing became available, she became obsessed with helping others find their biological roots as a search angel, specifically now helping Amerasian “kids” identify their American GI birth fathers.

Cindy has been married to her amazing husband, Mark, for 30 years. Together, they’ve raised 3 awesome adult children. She enjoys genealogy, reading, beaches, pools, shopping, and of course, spending time with my 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Music by Corey Quinn