Dr. Liz DeBetta is an adoptee and interdisciplinary scholar-artist-activist whose work is grounded in creativity and social justice. Using storytelling and narrative techniques Liz invites others to create space for empathy and begin healing individual and collective trauma connected to race, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, and other intersections of identity that are misunderstood or misrepresented in dominant culture. She is interested in performance based poetry and narrative writing for healing and social change from a feminist perspective within the areas of adoption culture and reproductive justice as a way of disrupting dominant narratives and shifting paradigms for adoptees and first mothers. Her writing has been published on DearAdoption.com, SeveranceMag.com, in the journals Adoption & Culture and Frontiers and in #MeToo: Essays About why this Happened, What it Means and How to Make Sure it Never Happens Again. She is a former facilitator of Adoptees Connect in Salt Lake City, a Rudd Adoption Research Institute Scholar, and spent six years teaching writing at Utah Valley University. She is currently the Advocacy Program Manager at the Center for the Education of Women + at the University of Michigan. Her book Adult Adoptees and Writing Heal: Migrating Toward Wholeness is available from Brill Publishers. 

Music by Corey Quinn