Alieshaia is a 29 year old transracial adoptee from Upstate NY and currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee. She has recently begun her career as a school based occupational therapist. During her free time, she enjoys reading, visiting bookstores, playing video games, watching movies, sharing food and laughter with her friends and traveling with her boyfriend. 

Alieshaia was in foster care as an infant when a horrific accident led to her being hospitalized for months at just 2 years old. She was then fostered by a family who adopted her at 5 years old. 

Alieshaia has been in reunion with her biological parents and siblings for a number of years now. It was not until she began attending an adoptee lounge and regular therapy sessions when she realized she was not alone with her internalized feelings and experiences as a person of color in a predominantly white environment.

Music by Corey Quinn