Dr. Patrice Martin is a same race adoptee who lives in Nashville, TN with her family. In her profession she works in grants management in the nonprofit and forprofit sectors. She has always known she was adopted. She grew up in Pittsburgh, PA with a loving family. As life would have it she has had some twists and turns to her story. At about age 27 it was revealed to her that not only was she adopted which she knew, but there would be the possibility of never being able to find her biological family because she was abandoned in a trash bin at birth.

Always in the back of her mind was her biological roots. After a chance finding of the show Long Lost Family on TLC she decided to go for it and her world changed after she was reunited with her biological family on reality TV. She now lives her full story with both sides of her family and is looking to move forward with life living it to the fullest while also helping others. She is does not shy away from the issues that adoption raises in the life of adoptees and works to help children coming after her and adults to see their fullest potential while being a part of a non-ideal situation. 

“Long Lost Family”, Season 6, episode 8 https://tubitv.com/tv-shows/720311/s06-e08-switched-in-the-hospital