Niranjani is a young professional in the healthcare space – focused on training, organizational development, and business development. She was raised in Maryland, in a suburb outside of Washington D.C., and used to spend her childhood summers in her motherland, India. Placing importance in interpersonal relationships, Niranjani believes that adaptive communication and a strong emphasis on soft skills are crucial to growth, success, and fulfillment in life. She brings a fusion of cultures, experiences, and perspective to her professional and personal life. She is a Myers-Briggs INFJ (one of the rarer personality types) and enjoys tapping into her creative side in her free time – she trained in classical vocal Indian Carnatic music and classical western piano for over 10 years each, and has recently been exploring theater, acting, and voiceover work. 

“The Primal Wound” by Nancy Newton Verrier is the book referred to in this episode.

Music by Corey Quinn