Shelby Redfield Kilgore is a Korean International Adoptee. In 2002, when Shelby was a senior in high school, she first shared her story as an adoptee in a short student documentary. It was a very healing experience for her, and also a way to spread awareness and education about her lived experiences as an adoptee. Ever since then, she knew one day she wanted to create a safe space for others to tell their stories through the video lens, to not only be a healing experience for them, but also to let others know they aren’t alone. 

In 2012, Shelby finally brought this dream of hers alive, and released her first video about adoption on her YouTube Channel – Shelby Redfield Kilgore. Almost a decade later, Shelby continues to share about her own story, as well as others. Being able to help others tell their truths, has been her heart work. 

You can find more about her work and mission at, along with a book she helped put together with another adoptee (Veronica), called Rooted in Adoption – A Collection of Adoptee Reflections. 

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