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This is a special episode of the, Who Am I Really? podcast. My guest today is Pamela Karanova, who first appeared on the show on episode 160, “Stepping Into A Space Of Freedom”. She told her story of addiction, thoughts of taking her own life and debilitating depression all in the context of her journey through adoption and reunion.

Thankfully, Pam has recovered from much of her life’s trauma and finding her way out of the darkness inspired Pam to create some special things. I brought Pam back because she is the empowering adoptee advocate behind two amazing movements – Adoptee Remembrance Day, a global observance of several serious adoptee focused issues and Adoptees Connect

a soon to be international movement to get adoptees together in person to support one another. I asked Pam to share about the movements she has started.

Adoptee Remembrance Day #AdopteeRemembranceDay #ARD #AdopteesWeRemember

Adoptees Connect:

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TED Talk: Adoption, DNA, and the Impact on a Concealed Life

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