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148 – Being More Positive Is Huge In My Life

Ben, from Fannystelle, Manitoba Canada, had an extremely rough start in his first home with his biological family. He was abused at the hand of his step dad, so he was removed by child and family services for his safety.

Bensen, or Ben was nursed back to health in foster care, and placed in a new family at seven years old.

He admits he was an angry teen, taking on negativity in his life to cope. But as an adult he’s done the hard work to make positive change for himself despite living with triggers on his body that remind him of what he’s endured.

Ben speaks of breaking the cycle of abuse when raising his own daughter, thanking his foster family for their loving care, and encouraging other adoptees (especially men) to tell their story over and over to try to reduce the pain we sometimes feel.

This is Bensen’s journey.

Who Am I Really?

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