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158 – Creating Space To Find Who I Am

Pam called me from Lexington, Kentucky.

Growing up in adoption she suffered in the care of her adoptive mother who was unable to be a to parent her children because she was barely holding on herself.

In reunion Pam found two alcoholics and when she looked in the mirror she saw someone who needed to change her trajectory before she followed in their footsteps.

Pam has done a lot of empathizing to heal herself, and focused her energy on creating Adoptees Connect to help other adopted people find support like what she needed in her darkest days.

She also founded Adoptee Remembrance Day, October 30th, #adopteeremembranceday. It’s a time to recognize Adoptee Suicide, Adoptee Abuse & Neglect, and Adoptee Loss.

This is Pam’s journey.

Who Am I Really?

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