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168 – A Vein Of Gratitude

When Lisa and I chatted, she was in a hotel in South Dakota, but she normally resides in Tennessee. She was in town for the momentous occasion of reuniting with her birth mother the next day. We agreed to chat ahead of time because Lisa knew she would be a different person after reunion.

Lisa led a quiet life, surrounded by family she loved and felt deeply connected to. Her adoption was never kept a secret from her and played a constant theme in her life. Guided by gratitude and the question, “where do I come from?” Lisa’s journey started with a DNA test, which opened the doors to help her answer that nagging question. Lisa mapped out generations of her family tree, discovered she was a secret to some in her family and a sequestered fact to others. The path of Lisa’s reunion still has a winding road ahead so, this is Lisa’s journey so far… (part 2 of Lisa’s journey will be ep. 181 – Wandering Tree)

Who Am I Really?

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