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237 – Loved From The Moment She Was Conceived

Lynn retains a New York accent, but she called me from North Carolina. As a young girl, Lynn should have been a carefree time in Lynn’s life, but her home was a chaotic place. She said characterizing her home life as having a few challenges will be like saying Noah’s Ark experienced a little rain. Instead of being a carefree kid. Lynn told me that she felt a responsibility for her younger siblings who experienced the same chaos she lived through at home. She was searching for a place where she would matter to someone at a young, vulnerable time in her life.

Pregnant with nowhere to turn, she placed her daughter for adoption, the hardest thing she’s ever been forced to do.

In reunion, Lynn was stunned to receive her daughter’s call out of the blue. She was thankful at how quickly they were able to see each other but is disappointed that the relationship has not gotten deeper.

Lynn is a first mother, and this is her journey.

Who Am I Really?

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