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114 – My Two Moms

Wendy, from Massachussetts, was adopted through Louise Wise, an agency with a notorious reputation. Separately, the tragic murder of Lisa Steinberg triggered her adoptive mother to give Wendy open permission to find her birth mother to let her know she’s ok. On her search, Wendy found her birth father first, but connecting with her birth mother is … Read more

097 – You Gotta Forgive

James called me from right up the road in Laurel, Maryland and we have one degree of separation with one of my adoptive father, Willie’s, friends. In his story you’ll hear his struggle to find himself and an identity as a youth in a family that didn’t look like him. It took him years to find his voice … Read more

053 – Seeing The Life That Could Have Been

Meredith had enough adoptees around her growing up that adoption was no big deal. Yet, her parents never felt comfortable actually discussing adoption. After getting pregnant, and spurred on by her mother-in-law’s intuition that Meredith wanted answers, she started searching. When her social worker found her biological parents, they were married with children. Her reunion … Read more

238 – Life is Magic!

John Dorenbos, the Magic Man, contacted me from his home in Los Angeles. John grew up in a wonderful family until he was 12 years old, when he came home from playing and learned that his mother was taken from him. John made it through his family’s tragic turn thanks to kinship adoption, lots of … Read more

235 – Adoption: The Unknown Blessing

Regina spoke to me from her home in North Carolina. When Regina was a child, she learned she was adopted and how other kids cruelly viewed adoptees. She never told anyone about being an adopted person until the big reveal in adulthood.  After seeking counseling to overcome the monster of adoption, Regina finally sought reunion. She … Read more

236 – I Will See You Again

Ken grew up in a mixed home with both biological and adopted siblings. While Ken was loved and treated equally, when his son was born, he felt the urge to learn more about his birth mother. When he found the woman living nearby, she answered Ken’s phone call with inspiring words, expressing her expectation of … Read more

234 – The Lost Coin

Steven, from Bainbridge Island, Washington—across the Puget Sound from Seattle—shared his that when he was a kid, it only took one incident to solidify his resolve never to ask his adoptive mother about his adoption. In a maternal reunion, Stephen was confronted with the reality that, while his birth mother was not mentally capable of … Read more

233 – Coming to a Place of Peace

Lena, from just north of Tampa, Florida grew up surrounded by adoptees. However, as she got older, Lena began to feel how different she was. While working toward her degree in social work, Lena’s studies unexpectedly led her down the path to reunion. While her birth father has been nothing but supportive, Lena said she … Read more

232 – Birth Mother’s Day

One of the important things to do when sharing adoptee stories is try to empathize with our birth mothers. This is a special presentation of the “Who Am I Really?” podcast for “Birth Mother’s Day”. Working with Ed DiGangi (ep. 130) we highlight the stories of three birth mothers, Yvonne, Sarah, and Laura who share … Read more