220 – Everybody Was Hiding The Black Piece

Bethany, from Gaithersburg, Maryland could see differences in herself and her white family, but her parents explained to those differences away and she believed what she was told. Unexpectedly, Bethany’s birth mother found her, but the woman was not prepared to discuss her past nor reveal the truth about Bethany’s true heredity. Fortunately DNA testing … Read more

219 – I Was Really Happy They Were Together

Tracy, from Ottawa, Canada lived in a unique situation with a mother who was the disciplinarian in their home. When Tracy found her birth family, she was shocked to see how much she resembled her sister among other huge family surprises. After reunion, Tracy’s adoptive mother was not able to accept what she perceived as … Read more

218 – I Could See Myself In Everyone

Mike, from Modesto, California, is a self-proclaimed introvert who was raised by a family of extroverted performers. With his adopted brothers, help Mike located his birth family, was well received on his paternal side, but was blocked out by a wall of defense by his birth mother. Thankfully Mike approached the reunion process with no … Read more

217 – Do I Just Let It Go?

Barbara who called me from Grand Rapids, Michigan, grew up an emotional child adopted by two refugees of war. When she found her birth mother, Barbara felt an immediate connection, struggled to get answers about her birth father, and uncovered lies about her origin story after the woman passed away. DNA helped Barbara locate her … Read more

216 – The Long Shot

John, from Southern California, learned at 10 years old he was adopted. But he didn’t do anything with the information for four decades while he lived a dream playing the game of basketball as a collegiate star, professional player, and international coach. On his search John found the man who transacted his adoption, heard stories … Read more

215 – Taking My Power Back Was Incredible

Becky, from Sydney, Ohio, said she has always searched for someone who resembled herself. When she found her birth mother, she was wounded by the woman’s fear reaction to having been found after two decades apart. Becky lived with her adoption reunion rejection trauma for years until she found the adoptee community, gained clarity on … Read more

214 – Letting Go Of Old Resentment

Elianna who called me from Santa Cruz, California, said growing up her family moved frequently, which taught her it was easy to uproot and restart. When her adopted brother triggered her search with his own desire to find his birth mother, Eliana got very emotional about her inability to locate the woman she wanted to … Read more

213 – Why Lie About A Human Being?

Linda, who called me from St. Petersburg, Florida, said that when her adoptive mother found herself single parenting her two daughters, they moved to the south where her family shunned the children for being adopted. In reunion with her birth mother, Linda found a woman who had a tough story to share about her conception, … Read more

212 – Forbidden Roots

Fred called me from outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, near lake Michigan. Fred grew up an only child loved and supported by his parents, but sometimes feeling out of place and misdirected by them when he tried to pursue some of his interests. As an adult, a slip of the tongue of one of his relatives revealed … Read more

211 – The Gift He Gave Me

Kamina called me from Dubai, but she grew up in Texas. Kamina said she was always confused about why she didn’t look like her adoptive family and no one would ever admit she was adopted. Turmoil between her adoptive parents led both of them to alcoholism, poor judgment, and an awful love triangle that got … Read more